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Simply to offer the inflatable industry, premium quality blowers a responsive Customer Service Department and fair pricing.



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After being involved in the design and sales of blowers for the Inflatable Industry for some 25 plus years we have sadly experienced a major decline in blower quality and customer service which we believe was due to manufacturers looking for a better bottom line.

As the adage states, "you get what you pay for" and as it would be, blowers were experiencing major capacitor issues, blower fans breaking, cheaper power cords, and the list goes on including lack of customer service……all for the sake a better bottom line.

So, this brings us to 2021 where one afternoon we decided to bring back the inflatable blower quality and customer service that once was.

And…………PREDATOR BLOWERS was born.

After months of design changes, field testing, tweaking we believe we are offering the inflatable blower industry the best possible blower and customer service available today.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to offer you a quality inflatable blower with a responsive customer service department you can count on.

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